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Admission Requirement

University is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and it adheres to all the rules and regulations of the ministry from admission application to become a graduate of Rana University.

To take admission at the university kindly submit the following documents in the mentioned format:

Sl No List of Documets Condition
Compulsory Optional
1 4 Passport size photo Yes
2 Original of NID for Inspection purposes Yes
3 Photo State of NID Yes
4 Original High School Certificate for Inspection Purpose Yes
5 Color Photo State of High School Certificate Yes
6 Photo State of the Applicant’s Parent’s NID Yes
7 Pay – Slip of Application Charge. Yes

NB: According to MoHE guidelines the above mentioned documents are mandatory to confirm admission at the Rana University, and candidate inability to submit the mentioned documents, university has all the rights to cancel the admission application.

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