BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

Students joining BBA will be given the technical knowledge as well as skills to fulfill the requirement of today’s modern business. The graduate of the BBA program will be an effective part of the government and private sector. Individual courses focus on building the personality, effective communication and leadership skills.

Areas of Specialization

Upon completion of the sixth semester of the BBA Program, the students will b offered two specializations in:

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. General Management

The BBA Chief Officer in coordination with the relevant HoD will provide a counseling session to introduce and provide full details about each of the above specializations to the candidates.

Teaching & Assessment

The abilities of the students are being enhanced through personal guidance and career counseling. The lectures are conducted by means of modern technology such as computer and multimedia. The students are encouraged to participate in the group discussions and practical work.

Admission Eligibility

  1. The candidate must have 12th grade high school certificate or equivalent qualification.
  2. The Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English Language.

Program Structure

In order to be eligible for obtaining a bachelor degree in Business administration, the minimum credit units that are to be earned from each of the following areas:
Faculty Business Administration (BBA)
Year of Establishment 2009
Total Credits 136
Number of Departments
  • Financial Management
  • General Management
General Subject Credits 18 Credit Units
Basics / Fundamental Subjects 40 Credit Units
Specialization Subject Credits
  • Financial Management
  • General Management

34 Credit Units or
34 Credit Units
Monograph / Project 8 Credit Units
Total Credits 136 Credit Units

BBA Program Curriculum

Semester I Semester II
Principles of Accounting Financial Accounting
Principles of Management Principles of Marketing
Microeconomics Business Mathematics
English for Business-I Macroeconomics
College Algebra English for Business-II
Islamic Studies Afghan History
Total Credit. 18 Total Credit. 18
Semester III Semester IV
Business Finance Retail Management
Accounting for Cost Business Law
Business Communication Psychology
Marketing Management Human Resource Management
IT in Business Consumer Behavior
Calculus Statistics
Total Credit. 18 Total Credit. 18
Semester V Semester VI
Project Management Banking and Insurance
Total Quality Management Office Management
Financial Management Electronic Commerce
International Business Entrepreneurship
Organizational Behavior Academic Writing
Business Ethics Financial Statements Analysis
Total Credit. 18 Total Credit. 18
Semester VII (Management Specialization) Semester VII (Finance Specialization)
International Management Business Research Methods
Business Research Methods Corporate Finance
Change Management Public Financial Management
Leadership in Management International Financial Management
Monograph Proposal Monograph Proposal
Total Credit. 18 Total Credit. 18
Semester VIII (Management Specialization) Semester VIII (Finance Specialization)
Seminars Seminars
Workshops Workshops
Tutorials Tutorials
Monograph Monograph
Conflict Management Auditing and Taxation
Organizational Development Investment Analysis and Portfolio Mgt.
Total Credit. 18 Total Credit. 18

Program Fee Schedule

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