Admission Checklist

Rana University ensures that all affairs related to students from induction to graduation are transparently maintained so as to comply both with MoHE requirements and RU’s internal policies and procedures.

On the other hand, availability of the following set of documents will make the student eligible to continue his/her higher education as lack of which will have adverse effect.

No Type of Document Condition
Compulsory Not Compulsory
1 4 Passport size photo Yes
2 Original of NID for Inspection purposes Yes
3 Photo State of NID Yes
4 Original High School Certificate for Inspection Purpose Yes
5 Color Photo State of High School Certificate Yes
6 Photo State of the Applicant’s Parent’s NID Yes
7 Pay – Slip of Application Charge. Yes

Students shall make sure that all the stated documents in the table above are compulsory for admission process. Lack of any of the supporting documents may result the application to be disregarded.

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