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Rana University

Gulab Shah Amani

Dr. Mohammad Naim Azimi

Dr. Sarwa Rasa Rafizada

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  1. Syeed Hassan Akhlaq:

  2. Mohammad Naim Azimi:

  3. Zaker Hussain Ershad:

  4. Gulab Shah Amani:

  5. Mohammad Zaher Halimi:

  6. Sarwar Rasa Rafizada:

  7. Ali Rohani:

  8. Sayeed Noor U din Alawee:

Invited Lecturer of Islamic Theology, George Washington University

Academic Vic Chancellor, Kabul University

Political Science Lecturer, Ivan Seena University

Sociology Lecturer, Bameyan University

Economics Lecturer, Gharjestan University

Journalism and Mass Communication Lecturer, Rana University

Sociology Lecturer, Yazd University

Social Science Lecturer, Kabul University

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