Extracted Highlights of Scholarship Policy

Rana University is pleased to announce and offer various types of scholarships to the students of application on merit and non-merit basis that the extract of which is stated below:

Merit- Based Scholarship (MBS): High scoring students are offered an MBS throughout their study period in Rana University. This scheme is limited to little number of students and the ratio of which is 1/100 in each session. Students may continue to receive this scholarship until they touch the target score in each semester of the study. The scheme applies as of the following:

Startup Scheme

  • - Students who hold the first position in the entry test = 100% Scholarship for the 1st Semester
  • - Students who hold the second position in the entry test = 50% Scholarship for the 1st Semester

Semester Scheme

  • - Students who gain the 1st position in his/her class, will be given 40% Scholarship for the next semester.
  • - Students who gain the 2nd position in his/her class, will be given 20% Scholarship for the next semester.

Note: Total number of awards are limited to 10 in each semester in whole University.

Non-Merit-Based Scholarship (NMBS): Indeed, the community in which we are operating, there are large number of potential students who wish to continue their higher education and serve the public but their financial constraints have limited this chance. Orphans, IDPs, Refugees, Low-income generators in private and public organizations are all the examples of such potentials. Therefore, RU has assigned a special committee to collect such petitions and make proper judgments so as to ensure our effective contribution to the community is always maintained.

This scheme allows flexibility to the applicants in bulk and on individual basis. Offers are all presented by our Public Relation Office and or the applicants can directly visit Rana University with regards to this scheme.

Public and private organizations wishing to have information about this scheme, can contact the following:

Mr. Wais Popal
Public Relation Manager
+93 729 101 995

Rana University, Kabul Afghanistan
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