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TT-WLD-Leadership Project Course Facilitator

Vacancy No:             RU-050

Post Title:                TT-WLD-Leadership Project Course Facilitator

Organization:            Rana University

Location:                  Kabul, Afghanistan

Duration:                  Project Based  

No of the Post:         1

Nationality:                Afghan

Sex:                          Female

Salary:                       Negotiable  

Date Announced:        Aug, 01, 2016

Closing Date:             Aug, 15, 2016

Back Ground:
RANA University is an institution established in 2009 and registered with the Ministry of Higher Educations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The establishment of RU is coinciding with the intense need of contribution to the rehabilitation and rebuilding process of Afghanistan in the higher and professional education sector.
RU as an institution to provide higher education has set goals that arte future-oriented, professional and skill based meeting the needs of today and the future in the contemporary education disciplines of business administration, computer science, mass communication, economics and English language in degree, diploma and certificate programs. In addition, RU provides training and development sessions on various subjects based on the market demands. See more at: www.ru.edu.af

 Duties and Responsibilities of Course Facilitator:

1. To Participate in ToT by TT-WLD Jawana Curriculum Orientation.
2. To prepare the lesson plan of the subject based on the given format and to implement it effectively in the class.
3. To teach the subject, facilitate a fair competitive class environment, prepare exam question, conduct exam, mark the papers and submit them to RPU.
4. To fully cooperate with Project Manager and follow his/her instructions for the sake of betterment of the Project and to maintain an academic environment.
5. To prepare and submit Weekly progress report of the activities to the Project Manager.
6. To ensure punctuality to the specific timings announced by the Project Manager.
7. To actively participate in the academic committee meetings.
8. To actively participate in the departmental meetings.
9. To actively participate in other committee meetings.
10. To receive the appropriate Lecturer Self - Assessment form from the Quality Assurance Committee

And conduct it at least once per semester.
12. To follow and respect all codes, discipline and policies of RANA for the sake of maintaining an appropriate and well academic Environment.

 Qualifications required:

1. Education: At least Bachelor degree with specialized in the field of business administration or Leadership from a recognized university/institute.
2. Attested, original qualification documents.
3. Experience: 3 - 5 years’ experience in Lectureship. 
4. Language Skills: Fluent oral, written, and comprehensive skills in English and knowing Dari & Pashto would be an asset.
6. Personal qualification: Must be hard worker and honest having strong teaching skill & knowledge.

Submission Guideline:

Please submit your cover letter and CV and indicate clearly in the subject of your e-mail the vacancy number and the position you’re applying for.

Emails: wld@ru.edu.af / hr@ru.edu.af  

 +93(0) 784085437 _ Mr. Pardeep Sharma, Project Manager of Rana University.                                                                    

Add: Baraki Square, Kabul Afghanistan 

Only the applications of those candidates with above profile will be considered for shortlist and interview.    

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