Bachelor in Journalism


Radio and Television

Bachelor in Journalism

BMCJ is an under-graduate degree program which allows the students to learn the skills required for the careers in reporting, news preparation for broadcasting, maintaining and enhancing public relation and media requirements.

Teaching & Assessment

The abilities of the students are being enhanced through personal guidance, practical and career counseling. The lectures are conducted by means of modern technology such as computer and multimedia. The students are encouraged to participate in the group discussions and practical work

Areas of Specialization:

Upon completion of the sixth semester of the BMCJ Program, the students will be offered two specializations in:

  1. Communication
  2. Radio and Television

The BMCJ Chief Officer in coordination with the relevant HoD will provide a counseling session to introduce and provide full details about each of the above specializations to the candidates.

Admission Eligibility

  1. The candidate must have 12th grade high school certificate or equivalent qualification.
  2. The Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English Language.

Program Structure

In order to be eligible for obtaining a bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, the minimum credit units that are to be earned from each of the following areas:
Faculty Journalism
Year of Establishment 2012
Total Credits .
Number of Departments
  • Communication
  • Radio and Television

Program Curriculum

Program Fee Schedule

Description Amount in Afs Payment Procedure Quantity Total
Registration Fee 5,000 Once 1 5,000
Tuition Fee 30,000 Semester 8 240,000
Library Fee 1,000 Once 1 1,000
Security 1,000 Once 1 1,000
Total BCS Program Fee Afs 247,000

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