Creativity & Innovation Center

Creativity & Innovation Center

According to UNESCO, the top Universities in case of having a standard academic level in 21st century, describes as follow:
“The environment where the brain is trained to use critical thinking, exert knowledge for innovations and creativities in order to facilitate students talents for prosperity. “
Supporting the whole process of producing and supplying new ideas to the market is Rana’s first tendency; therefore, this center with welcoming new ideas and providing appropriate working environment, has started its first steps toward technology improvement while hoping to create job opportunities for our country.


Its vision is to find the position in the society by introducing, finding and nurturing the intelligent Afghan talents, assisting them in innovation registration, taking part in international innovation festivals and compilations to endeavor a commercialized relationship with the world for our country development.


The mission of this center is inventor’s development in connection with material and spiritual rights patronage with leading them to fulfill the needs of society by using their useful ideas.

Following policies need to be considered:

  • Providing related trainings for each field to let students get familiar with innovation and creativity.
  • Motivating enthusiastic applicants for primary experiments and introducing new products.
  • Introducing top inventors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and rewarding them.
  • Interviewing with successful scientists, experts, entrepreneurs in and out of the country and documentation from their performance.
  • Giving technical and professional consultation in national and international level including a proper way for innovative registrations
  • Supporting scientific articles related to innovations in national and international journals.
  • Providing background documents for our inventors, creating job opportunities, and choosing top designs for implementation.
  • Introducing our inventors to the competent governmental and private sectors for their cooperation.
  • Providing different festivals, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, symposiums and career fair announcements for national and international universities.
  • Creating a standard registrations system for new innovations.

  • t’s worth mentioning that this Centre’s head, Mr. Mustafa Rezaie had the following achievements and honors:
  • Silver medal of the 12th International Competitions Inventions ARCA 2014, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Bronze medal in Seoul International Inventions Fair SIIF 2014, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Special Award for Taiwan Inventors Association
  • Bronze medal in International Inventions Competitions iENA 2015, Nuremberg, Germany.

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