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Provost’s Message

It is indeed a matter of immense satisfaction that Rana University has emerged as a renowned seat of learning within a short span of time. It has accomplished much and has been making all-round progress.
The university is committed to provide quality education and the qualification gained by our students is recognized and respected by the employers and academics. The programs of the university are accredited with bodies like ministry of higher education of Afghanistan and are in the process of getting accredited with an internationally reputed AACSB accreditation body.
The pragmatic approach of the university has developed a favorable system which is honored and followed by all concerned. Here, the motto is quality not quantity. The quality of the students is directly linked with the quality of the faculty. Our well qualified and talented faculty is playing a great role in bringing improvement both in academics and research. This rising standard of academic grooming, quality of research, number of graduates produced and growing number of research publication have earned a higher category and ranking for the university at national level.
It is an established fact that education plays a vital role in the survival and success of individuals as well as nations. In this modern age, no nation can progress without education. It is necessary for us to produce graduates of the highest intellectual calibre, and thus find a respectable place amongst the developed nations of the world. Our main source of inspiration, Islam guides us towards the pursuit of knowledge and education. It is thus our duty to follow the golden principles of Islam, and excel in both the religious and the modern education.
It is a source of great satisfaction that, by the grace of Almighty Allah, the university has progressed by gigantic leaps. It has gained a coveted position among the private sector universities of Afghanistan and is enjoying the trust and confidence of students and parents.
We put all our efforts into providing a congenial environment to students for grooming them into capable professionals. The faculty, the administration and the management are committed to attain these goals; now it is genuinely expected that the students of Rana University shall work hard to prove their worth in the face of the entire world and make themselves and the whole nation feel proud. ... Read More

Arshid Jan
RANA University

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