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The book " Afghanistan and the Region" by Dr. Merwais balkhi unveiled at Rana University

April 10, 2021

Mr.Seyed Mostafa Saeedi, Academic Vice-Chancellor of Rana, in the unveiling of the book "Afghanistan and the Region", a research work by Dr. Mirwais Balkhi; The former Minister of Education which was held at Rana Hall said: "Rana University is proud to host the country's Academic personalities and to continue our scientific and cultural activities, this time we will unveil a valuable book by Dr. Mirwais Balkhi. "The academic, cultural, and social programs of Rana University will continue." The book "Afghanistan and the Region", which is one of the most authoritative works and was written by Dr. Mirwais Balkhi, a university professor and former Minister of Education, in three sections; Afghanistan and West Asia, West Asia, Afghanistan, and the region have been researched. Addressing the issues of Afghanistan and West Asia requires academic research books. But despite its presence in the West Asian region, few resources and literature have been produced in this field. Seyed Mostafa Saeedi, Academic Vice-Chancellor of Rana University, Dr. Malek Satiz, Senior Researcher in International Relations, Dr. Abdul Qayyum Sajjadi, University Professor and Member of Parliament, Tordiqul Maimanegi, Member of the Assembly of Scientists and Specialists of Afghanistan, and Dr. Mirwais Balkhi were the speakers of this program.

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