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Rana University Faculty of Computer Science Students Discoveries

December 05, 2023

The Dean of BCS Faculty at Rana University has always been committed to students’ academic betterment and professional growth. BCS Faculty organizes different technological seminars, discoveries, learning, and educational programs from time to time like training, workshops, and study tours to boost students’ practical knowledge and know how to make them capable and fit for the market's current demands, and this is the true spirit of learning and education which differentiates this university from the rest. Three Talented Students of the BCS Faculty, Mr. Mohammad Dawood Ahmadi, Mr. Mohammad Edress Safi, and Mr. Ahmad Suhrab Hakimi conducted a seminar on cybersecurity and safeguarding. This seminar was tailored for academia, professionals, and enthusiasts passionate about cybersecurity. From understanding data breaches to implementing resilient defense mechanisms, this event equipped participants with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital landscape securely. In the end, Mr. Abdul Ghafar Omerkhel, Dean of the Computer Science Faculty after his closing speech, appreciated the three talented students who conducted this seminar. Mr. Abdul Ghafar Omerkhel on behalf of BCS Faculty Teachers, Members, and Students alongside his wise words, appreciated the Public Relations Department Team, for their Outstanding Activities, Commitment, Dedication and, Achievements. #To_Nurture_Talents #BCS_Faculty

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