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5th Convocation—Rana University

December 11, 2019

The 5th round of convocation for the students of Rana University was organized on Friday, 15th November, 2019. 490 Graduands from all the four faculties in Rana University celebrated their graduation on Friday. The honourable chancellor Dr. Shafiullah Naimi emphasized in his opening speech that the young generation of the country are destined to play an evitable role for the development and prosperity of the country. Mr. Sayed Mustafa Saiedy VC (Academics) focused in his speech on quality education offered by Rana University as per the benchmarks of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. He further endorsed the professional and out-come –based approach of the faculty and staff at Rana University.

Representatives of the faculties also paid their hearty tribute to their teachers and appreciated the efficient management of the university.  Ms. Raihana Bromand, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Ms. Aziza Ayubi, Faculty of law and Political Science, Mr. Ajmal Safa, Faculty of Economics and Ms. Aisha Noor, Faculty of Computers Science received gold medals for their extraordinary academic achievements.

At the end of the convocation, the graduates confirmed to offer unconditional services to the society and country by taking an oath.

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