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Monetary Policy, Objectives and Functions of Da Afghanistan Bank

December 10, 2019

On December 9th 2019, the Faculty of Economics conducted one-day workshop on “Monetary Policy, Objectives and Functions of Da Afghanistan Bank” with the cooperation of Da Afghanistan Bank.

In the workshop Mr. Shafiqullah Bariz, deputy director general of Da Afghanistan Bank and Ahmad Jawad Sedad, deputy director of Monetary policy of Da Afghanistan Bank, Mr. Hasibullah Bahnaward, the Internal control manager of Da Afghanistan Bank along with their other delegates, lecturers and the students of the faculty of economics participated in the workshop. Mr. Bariz in his opening speech talked about the importance of Monetary policy, Objectives and the functions of Da Afghanistan Bank to the academic institutions and students. He insisted that Da Afghanistan bank is committed to extend its cooperation with the education sector and academic institutions.

Secondly, Mr. Rahim Amin, Dean of the Faculty of Economics welcomed the delegates of Da Afghanistan Bank. Furthermore, he shared his ideas and experiences about the Banking system and advised students to eagerly participate in such workshops that will give them the realistic approach to understand the monetary policy, market prices, the impact of monetary policy over buyers and sellers, inflation and the key functions of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Moreover, Mr Sedad had presentation about the implementation of monetary policy, internal price stability, economic condition and determining the exchange rates in Afghanistan. In addition, Mr Bahnaward talked about the role of Da Afghanistan Bank in controlling financial institutions, ranking of banks and their investments and the management of revenues.

In the last session of the workshop students of the Faculty of Economics shared their questions, concerns and ideas with the delegates.

At the end of the program, Da Afghanistan Bank awarded certificates of participation to the students and Rana University awarded shield to the delegates of Da Afghanistan Bank.  

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