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Rana International Leadership Camp

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2021/Apr/03 2021/Apr/05 08:00 AM 04:00 PM RANA HALL career development center

Rana International Leadership Camp

(3rd Edition)

Rana University Leadership Camp is an initiative by Career Development Center in which brings 240 top young thought leaders of Rana University together for a 3 days transformational event in which focuses on leadership, intrapersonal skills, soft skills, and self-awareness of our students. This is the second edition of RILC, which will take place during October.


Leadership camp is an international practice, which takes place all over the world annually, its aim is to engage youth in a leadership and action based dialogue, which helps them set goals and make groups which results to initiating startups, businesses, lifelong connections and network.


We make this happen by taking our participants through an interactive and comprehensive framework of Leadership:

- Day1: Self Awareness

In this day, we focus on self-awareness and how can our participants know more about their self and we tackle them with the following questions:

- Day2: Leadership

In this day, we mainly focus on leadership, its elements, leadership in Islam, and what qualities shape a great leader. It also engage youth in conversations and group activities for our young leaders to better understand leadership and know more about it. In the 1st edition we were honored to have H.E the Ambassador of Indonesia in Afghanistan, Mr.Arif Rahman, The chancellor of Rana University, Mr. Shafiullah Naimi, as our honorable VIP guests, they shared their perspective and ideas about leadership.

- Day3: How to connect myself with Leadership.

In this day, we work on our participant’s qualities and interpersonal skills in order to connect their self into Leadership and how can leadership influence their personality and overall living style. In the first edition, we had Dr. Massoud Joya, Management and Leadership PHD on going (Fulbright scholar), Ms.Saina Hamidi, Afghan Women life coach and social activist,and Mr. Mattiullah Rahmaty, Young Entrepreneur and Rana University Business Graduate in which they shared their success story and how they succeed and overcame all the challenges. In this day, particularly we managed to initiate an environment where youth can not only be helpful to their self, but to their friends, family and people around them.

Camp Objectives:

Leadership Camp Details:

This event is scheduled for Rana University students on the following date’s half-day:

Leadership Camp Breakout:

1- Insights: We will hear inspiring speeches from successful leaders in the areas sharing their experiences and knowledge, success and failure stories and other things. The insights is focused on transformations change and leadership stories, story of success and failure.

2- Workshops: In these interactive sessions, participants learn more deeply about their own self and leadership, its importance and how can we shape our life being a great leader.

3- Activities: We will be engaging students in a transformational leadership and teamwork activities and make youth leadership movement a common sense for all participants.

Speakers and Facilitators:

1st Edition of Rana International Leadership Camp Outcome:

Rana University Leadership camp engaged over 118 young thought leaders of Rana University and engaged them to understand who they are, what leadership really is and its importance, and how can they shape their self as a leader. The camp engaged our students in practical transformational activities. Besides all of this, we placed our confident on the participants and moved them out of their comfort zone in which resulted to student’s creativity and solution orientation. Overall, it was a successful event, which we designed in a result base form of content. We as CDC Rana University are proud of being able to be in the service of our students and develop their career.



Choose to be a Leader!

Rana University International Leadership Camp

(3rd Edition)


Abdul Moneeb Habibi

Career Development Center Manager


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