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2021/Mar/15 2021/Mar/15 09:00 AM 12:00 PM RANA HALL Career Development Center




Upon completion of this training course, the course participants will become familiar with the basics of the QuickBooks program. The course participants will have the skills necessary to complete most tasks available in QuickBooks. 

The following learning objectives will be emphasized during the course:

1. The course participants will acquire sufficient knowledge of the QuickBooks software and the different versions and the corresponding unique features of each version. 2. Help participants acquire the modern concepts and practices of using QuickBooks Software. 3. The course participants will understand the basic principals of bookkeeping as it applies to the QuickBooks program. 4. The course participants will be able to set up an accounting system using the QuickBooks Software.  5. The course participants will be able to set up a company (Shop) and its associated accounts, customers, and vendors. 6. The course participants will be able to record incomes as well as associated receivables in the QuickBooks Program. 7. The participants will be able to create different industry-specific reports. 8. The course participants will be able to record initial payables as well as the payment of payables. 9. The course participants will be able to use QuickBooks program to record expenses and make payments. 10. The participants will be able to prepare and print financial statements using the QuickBooks program. 

Expected Outcome 

Upon completion of this seminar, the participants will be able to apply their acquired skills of the QuickBooks program.

The trainees will be expected:

1. Be efficient using QuickBooks Software on a daily basis.

2. Be able to enter project required data.

3. Be able to create all types of accounts in chart of accounts. 

4. Trainees will be expected to create, enter and manage accounts associated with petty cash account, petty cash incidental expenses.

5. Trainees will be expected to generate QuickBooks reports as required by management.

6. Trainees will be expected to create accounting systems.

7. Trainees will be expected to perform day-to-day operations. 


1. Principles of Accounting 2. Information Technology in Business


1. An introduction to QuickBooks Software.

2. QuickBooks’ Interface

3. Different versions 

4. Features of different versions 

5. Components of accounting system: how to create an accounting system?

 a. Company Data File: Setting up a shop

 b. Chart of Accounts

c. Lists

i. Customers & Lead Center

ii. Vendors

iii. Items: Inventory Activities

iv. Others

 6. Day-To-Day Operations

a. Estimates

 b. Sales Orders

c. Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

d. Income tracker

e. Invoices 

f. Receiving Payments

 g. Deposits 

h. Purchase Orders

i. Enter Bills

j. Pay Bills

 k. Applying credits & payment terms from vendors

 l. Bill tracker

 m. Insight 

n. Inventory Activities 

o. Using Registers

p. Calendar 

q. General Journal Entries 

7. Report Center

 8. DOC Center  

Lecturer: Mr.Khairullah Azizi

Start Date : 2021/3/15

End Date : 2021/3/15

Duration : 1 Day

Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM




Abdul Moneeb Habibi

Career Development Center Manager


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