Research Journals

Rana University Research Journals Author Guide

We encourage all the potential authors to comply with the following standards when writing and submitting their papers to RU:

  1. The paper structure shall include; abstract, keywords, introduction, research question, research hypothesis, data and method, findings, discussion, conclusion and list of references.
  2. The paper shall be the original work of the author and is not published elsewhere.
  3. The abstract shall be between150 to 200 words.
  4. The key words shall be minimum 5 and maximum 6.
  5. The APA style should be used both for in-text citation and referencing purpose.
  6. The list of references shall be adjusted at the end of the paper.
  7. Rana reserves the right to pay for any article which fulfills all the required criteria.
  8. The potential author other than RU’s scholars are also encourage to submit their hard copy to the research center or may send their soft to:
  9. The font style for English text is Times New Roman and for local language is IR Campset.
  10. For English article; heading are 16 unbold, subheadings 14 unbold and 10 for normal text in the article.
  11. For Persian article; heading are 18 unbold, subheadings are 16 unbold, sub-subheading are 14 unbold and 12 for normal text in the article.
  12. Tables and graphs’ title and contents shall be 2 size smaller than the normal text size.
  13. The use of footnotes shall be minimized to an acceptable low level but in case of use, the font is Times New Roman and size is 9.

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