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Rana University, an innovator in Afghanistan educational sector, is situated at Baraki Square, Parwan-e-2 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The university has the prime location in the heart of the capital, Kabul as it is conveniently accessible from all the suburbs of the capital.

Kabul city situated approximately 6000 ft above the sea level In a narrow valley wedged between the Hindu Kush Mountains. Kabul is strategically situated in a valley which is surrounded by high mountains. The climate of Kabul is arid to semi-arid steppe.

Historically, Kabul dates back to around 4000 years. Lastly, Kabul became the soviet command center for approximately 10 years during their stay in Afghanistan. 1989, soviet forces withdrew from Afghanistan after they were defeated by the then mujahedeen. In 1996, the Taliban took over a control of the capital and then slowly expanded their regime to the surrounding areas of Kabul. In 2001, the United States forces assisted by British Armed Forces provided huge air support to united front (Northern Alliance) to take a control of the capital. In 2002, a NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was developed in Kabul.

Consequently, the war-torn city began to see glimpses of peace and security and more positive developments began to appear as considerable number of expats returned to the capital. The population of the capital is continuously on the rise since then and today the current population of Kabul is approximately 05 millions.

Adding to the peace prevailing environment, education started grooming in the capital. The government with the assistance of foreign aid and with the zeal of the residents of Kabul invested heavily and motivated the private sector education to spread education to all parts of Kabul.

The private and public sector in Afghanistan has shown greater intensity for the cause of spreading education which has visibly resulted in the rise of current educational ratio in Kabul. Currently, there are around 100 higher educational institutes / universities in Kabul and Rana with its visionary and strategic march towards educational excellence stands unique with a blend of prestige for traditions of Afghanistan and zeal for modern education system.

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