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Rana University

To Nurture Talents

Dr. Z.Khalil Auzarmi

Dean of BMCJ

We (at BMCJ) provide state of the art technology required by the market and put the level best effort to create opportunity and support our students for further studies, in the light of the fact that the optimal way to exchange information is through mass media to target large population with amazing speed; as it is well said that the new forms of media change the perceptions of societies.

We aim to professionalize our prospective students with the scope of beyond what is called print (newspaper, magazine and book) and visual (Radio and TV) media and recently developed social media. We (along with our expert team) are here to teach, train and present the generation of creative thinkers and innovation, nurturing the talents.

I wish all the students best of luck in their learning endeavors and future careers. 

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