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RU Objectives

As many among us know that knowledge is of two kinds:

Revelation knowledge

Acquisitional knowledge

The later is preceded by the God-gifted wisdom which vigilantly supervises the whole acquisition process. In RANA University our fundamental objective is to strive for the realization of the ideal form of education.

The most Merciful has generously blessed all human beings with the required potentials such as eyes, ears, heart and mind to concentrate and acquire the knowledge and education to prepare ourselves for all types of challenges here and hereafter.

The most carefully conceived Rana University objectives are:

  • To educate the all students irrespective of their faith, culture, caste, tribe and race
  • To provide state of the art facilities to all the students for their academic and moral excellence
  • To provide the best possible and conducive to learning environment
  • To encourage the spirit of tolerance and understanding of others’ culture, faith and caste
  • To enhance students’ potential for optimum dedication to their cause of life
  • To provide serene learning environment to produce responsibly potential citizens
  • To provide high standard teaching faculty who professionally excel in facilitating learning through rigorous, stimulating and creatively professional classroom practices
  • To provide opportunities to all the students, irrespective of their gender and race to pursue their ambitions and see their dreams come true
  • To enhance the creative and constructive thinking ability of the students
  • To create an environment of respect, learning, personal and professional growth
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