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The Office of International Affairs, handles with cooperative activities between Rana University and foreign universities & institutes, which include creating partnerships, facilitating student & faculty exchanges, and joint research collaboration. In addition, the International Center offers administrative support to international students and foreign visiting faculty members so that they can smoothly adapt to life in Afghanistan. As a one-stop service department, the International Affairs department provides all kinds of assistance in the areas of visa affairs, insurance, housing, and academic affairs etc. Rana University department of International Affairs staff are genuinely committed to delivering top quality services to teachers and students.

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation among universities throughout the world, Rana University has established a number of international collaborations and exchange agreements with major foreign universities and maintains friendly relationships with them. At present Rana University continues to develop strong academic bonds with more than 30 Higher Education Institutions of learning in 10 countries. Through such links, professors and students are able to gain a more global outlook on their academic experience. The general features of these international collaborations and exchange programs are as follows; the exchange of professors for joint research and lectures, the exchange of students for study, and the exchange of publications, literature and information. Listed in the table below are the foreign universities with which Rana University has agreement for international collaborations and exchange programs. In accordance with the growing trend towards globalization, Rana University is setting up a distinctive strategy to expand and diversify its international programs and activities substantially.


The main mission of the Rana University International Relations Department is to enhance and strengthen the reputation of the Rana University in the International Society.


The main vision of Rana University International Relations Department is aimed to realize the main strategic tasks of the Rana University achieving an international level of competitiveness of the results of educational and research activities, increasing the number and enhancing the efficiency of international treaties and agreements concluded.

Main Activities

  • Support for creating international exchange agreements with overseas universities.
  • Support for the exchange of students and faculty members.
  • Support for Rana University International activities.
  • Support information for worldwide scholarships.
  • Support for international students and foreign visiting faculty.
  • Reception of foreign specialists and delegations.
  • Planning and coordination business trip of professors, researchers, graduates and students abroad
  • Participation in international conferences, workshops, seminars.
  • Reception of foreign professors, graduates and students for an internship at National and International Level.
  • Preparation of contracts, work programs and other documents on cooperation with foreign universities.
  • Support and development of academic and scientific cooperation with foreign partners.
  • Development of cooperation agreements.
  • Development of forms of cooperation.
  • Drawing up of annual cooperation working programs.
  • Development of joint educational programs (semester / year abroad, double degree diplomas, language internships, internship at a foreign enterprise).
  • Exchange of students and professors within the framework of joint educational projects.
  • Oral and written translation.
  • Correspondence with a foreign partner.

The International Relations Department carries out an international cooperation with many higher educational institutions and enterprises. At the moment, more than 06 Memorandum of Understanding signed with National Universities and more than 30 agreements have been signed with representatives of universities and companies of different countries like (USA, Poland, Australia, Turkey, Russia, UAE, India).

Rana University Alliance at National Level

S.NOrganization NameMoU Country
1MoU Signed Between Rana University & Asia UniversityAfghanistan
2MoU Signed Between Rana University & Taj Institute of Higher EducationAfghanistan
3MoU Signed Between Rana University & Jami University Afghanistan
4MoU Signed Between Rana University & Rokhan Institute of Higher Education Afghanistan
5MoU Signed Between Rana University & Kabul UniversityAfghanistan
6MoU Signed Between Rana University & Strategic Social Afghanistan

Rana University Alliance at International Level

S.NOrganization NameMoU Country
1 MoU Signed Between Rana University & HTEC (Harvest Technical Collage of Education) Australia
2 MoU Signed Between Rana University & King International University Australia
3 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Align Associates India
4 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Shoolini University India
5 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Amity University India
6 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Iha Consulting Services India
7 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Sharda University India
8 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Jetking Institute India
9 MoU Signed Between Rana University & The Dais Foundation India
10 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Word University of Design India
11 MoU Signed with Shri Venkateshwara University Amroha Uttar Pradesh India
12 MoU Signed With Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal Madhya Pradesh India India
13 MoU with Rishi UBR PG College For Women Hyderabad India India
14 MoU with Siddhartha Institute of Technology Telangana India India
15 MoU with Lee Shreya’s Foundation India
16 MoU with Sreyas Institute of Engineering Telangana India India
17 MoU with Sreyas International Journal of Scientists and Technocrats India
18 MoU with LSF Asian Record Book Private Limited Hyderabad Telangana India India
19 MoU with RISHI M.S Institute of Engineering and Technology For Women Hyderabad Telangana India
20 MoU Signed With Jinan University London
21 MoU With Middle East University for Science and Technology Middle East Middle East
22 MoU Signed Between Rana University & Opole University For Erasmus Program Poland
23 MoU Signed With Belgorod State Technical University Russia
24 MoU Signed With Ankara University, Ankara Turkey Turkey
25 MoU with 11 Arabic Universities Signed in BAKAF (I.U.U) Turkey
26 MoU Signed With Rana University & Ball State University USA
27 MoU Signed with Talent Based Solution USA USA
28 MoU Signed with USKUDAR University Turkey Turkey
29 MoU Signed With Istanbul Aydin University Turkey
30 MoU Signed With Istanbul Gelisim University Turkey

Contact Info

Pardeep Sharma
Director of International Affairs

Rana University, Kabul Afghanistan
+93 (0) 729 101 973

Director of Planning & Development

Rana University, Kabul Afghanistan
+93(0) 702 910 1998

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