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Introduction of Software House

Technology in the present area has become an integral part of human life. And day by day, the dependency and the use of technology are further enhanced and institutions get advantages according to their necessity from technology.

Software house department is established in 2015 which is responsible for creating facility for all departments faculties and students of Rana University. the University of Rana has been pioneered to keep peace with the contemporary science of the world and to create scientific environment for better educational in the field of educational services.

Rana University Software House department is Responsible for Developing and Maintaining (Database, Website and Mobile Application).

Software House organizational chart


RANA Software house will be a cutting-edge software solution provider to enhance productivity, advance teaching and learning, safeguard information and maintain an effective operational environment.


RANA software house is dedicated to providing a wide range of preferred software solutions, resources and quality services to the students, faculty, staff and community.

Core values:

Innovation: We believe in fostering an innovation-developing, talent-nurturing and creativity-promoting environment. Integrity: Our motive is to earn the trust of all by providing reliable, honest and practical services. Agility: We are agile, fleet-of-foot and have the courage to try new things, accept failures and come out victorious.

Career Planning

  1. Internship Opportunities for Computer Science Students of Rana University
  2. Advance Software Development Short Courses
  3. Implementation of new Technologies
  4. Software Exhibition 
  5. Programming Competitions for BCS students
  6. Training Workshops for Employees  

Software House Development and Implemented History:

Rana university database has been developed using the best and most update technology and include administrative part of the university. Rana University Database is Developed in two Language Dari, English the main section of Database which is Developed Recently by Software House Department following.

  1. Finance Management System
  2. Record Management System
  3. Examination Management System
  4. Human Recourse Management system
  5. Inventory Management system
  6. Online Attendance Management system
  7. Discipline Committee
  8. Reception (Student Registration System)
  9. Library Management System

the rana university website was established in 2012 from the very beginning of activates up to date is has witnessed progress. initially from beginning the website only had English, on the student request the Dari and Pashto language is also created, and this website has scientific, cultural and research sections and the main sections of this website are following.

  1. Information About University and administrative and Scientific section
  2. Students Portal
  3. Information’s about the faculties
  4. Information on registration and various progress
  5. Teachers and student’s scientific papers
  6. Information Job Opportunities
  7. Student Result Announcement
  8. Alumni Student Information’s.

The rana university Mobile Application Established in 2018 which developed for Android and IOS Mobiles. Rana University Mobile Application include following

  1. Student Information
  2. Student Exams (Result Information)
  3. Student Fee Information
  4. Online Library
  5. Student Attendance Information
  6. Student Forms
  7. Messages
Development plan Year 2018
  1. Holding Database Development Courses for students
  2. Holding Website Development Courses for students
  3. Second Version of Mobile Application
  4. Online Library Management system
  5. Online Teacher Portal
  6. Digitalizing all documents of student’s.
  7. Creating automatic time table for all faculties.
Envisioned Master Program
Bachelor Courses
Diploma Courses

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