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Rana University Record Department


Record department at any organization plays a pivotal role in maintaining transparency at the optimum level. Likewise, the Record Department at Rana University is one of the key units working under the supervision of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The department is responsible to keep the students record updated at all times along with offering various other services to all the students in the university.

Scope of Work

The department is responsible to document, script, record and ultimately process all relevant documents of all the undergraduate students at the university as per the requirements and rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. In addition, the record department is also responsible to issue confirmation letters; recommendation letters, provision of basic books, term/s book, graduate books for diploma, printing of diploma, certificates and students’ transcripts. Furthermore, one of the main responsibilities of the record department at Rana University is to ensure the appropriate entry of the titles of the students’ monographs, safe-keeping the students monographs, making attendance sheet, examination assessment sheets for all the four faculties. The department acts as a bridge and the sole communication source between Rana University and the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan in order to ensure a smooth and beneficial promulgation of all the regulations of the Ministry.


Creating a high quality and standard archive that aims at meeting the needs and development of the students resulting in equal growth opportunities for all the students at the university.


Developing a standard, modern and useful database system guiding the university and department towards safer and secured record-keeping, offer high quality services and ease of access information system to all the students at the university.


  • Work proactively with all the internal and external stakeholders for the effective and efficient implementation of all the policies and regulations of the MoHE, Afghanistan.
  • Actively provide support and facilitation system to all the students of the University.
  • Ensure secured, digital and ease of access record-keeping of all the students of the university.
  • Ensure initiatives and strategies to bridge gaps (if any) between the university and MOHE, Afghanistan.
  • Facilitate the students, parents and other stakeholders efficiently through the effective record management system.



Resourceful meetings are a soul to the progress of any organization. Considering this fact, weekly and monthly meetings chaired by the record manager on a regular basis are conducted wherein under the vigilant supervision of the record manger, a thorough scrutiny of the daily affairs is done while keeping in view the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan. The minutes of the meetings along with meeting reports are forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for students Affairs for further assessment and improvement.

Staff Training

It is a candid reality that trained employees increase the productivity and thereby remain a true asset of an organization. Admitting the importance of this reality, Record Department at Rana University ensures all measure to keep all its employees highly trained and updated with need of modern day university. The Record Department organizes yearly trainings for all its employees wherein the employees of the department are trained on the sophisticated methods of record-keeping and students’ facilitation.

In addition to the above mentioned, the Record Department has also achieved considerable success in the effective implementation of the following.

  • The department has successfully digitalized its whole working mechanism by introducing technological use to extend quick and ease of access facilities to all its stakeholders.
  • The department is effectively, efficiently and successfully maintaining all its record-keeping both digitally as well as manually.
  • The department has also taken substantial measures to restructure its overall working mechanism and employment patterns wherein each employee of the department is well aware of his SOWs.

Orientation Sessions for New Staff

Considering the professional needs of the staff, the importance of work and the sensitivity of the employment norms, the department organizes training sessions for all its new staff immediately after hiring to keep them updated with the needs of the modern day world and so that they can better facilitate the students, parents and other stakeholder.

Preparation of Strategic Plan

The department has devised a five-year strategic plan along with the five-year operational plan keeping in view the strategic goals of the university. The departmental strategic goals are in strong and direct alignment with the strategic goals of the university wherein the major focus is on the facilitation of the students and nurturing the talent for better, prosperous and developed Afghanistan.

Future Plan

  • Record department is determined to scan and store all its documents in PDF format up to the year of 1400/2019 such as (student’s record, attendance sheets, term books, graduate books, exam sheets, exam attendance sheet and etc.)
  • Providing and offering active students statistics, graduates, alternate, and number of graduates who either defended their monographs or not to all relevant units in the university
  • To become the best in facilitating the students, parents and other stakeholders.
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