RANA University has recently approved a professional scheme of nurturing future academic cadre from within the students of this university. The students who gain +80% average marks or a GPA of +3.25/4.00 in aggregate can apply for an internship program at Rana University.


The scheme allows two types of internship as follow:

  1. Redeemable Internship
  2. Irredeemable Internship

Redeemable Internship

The potential candidates who wish to enter the scheme of redeemable internship will be given the option of further career development at the University. The scheme allows the internee in pursuing further higher education without paying any fee and tuition charges. In addition, he/she will be offered a fixed term agreement with the University. This scheme is only available for the candidates whose average is over 85% in aggregate.

Irredeemable Internship

Fresh graduates who wish to develop career in academic field are encouraged to apply for our internship program under this scheme. The scheme allows the candidate to take part in teaching basic subjects under the direct supervision of a professor or an associate professor. The internee will be paid a competitive stipend throughout the period of Internship.

How to Apply

Candidates shall visit Rana University’s relevant department (i.e. BBA graduate will meet HoD BBA) and personally discuss the opportunity. After verbal agreement, the candidates shall complete all other formalities with HR Department of the University.

When to Apply

This is an open offer throughout the year. Candidates can apply at any time during the year after their full graduation. Students who are in advance semesters can be considered but graduates are preferred.

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